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Hamstring Stretch in Long-sitting: 2 reps, 30 sec hold, 1 set
Sit with involved leg out straight. Reach forward toward your ankle. You should feel the stretch in your hamstring.
Quadriceps Stretch in Standing: 2 reps, 30 sec hold, 1 set
Stand near chair for balance. Bend your involved knee and grasp at the ankle. Keep your body upright and hips straight.
Straight Leg Raise in Supine: 10 reps, 1 set
Lie on your back. Bend you un-involved leg. Raise leg keeping knee straight and toes up. Raise up until you leg is even with the bent knee.
Straight Leg Raise in Supine: 10 reps, 1 set
Place a towel roll under your knee. Tighten your thigh. Keep your knee straight. Relax your thigh and repeat the contraction.
Illio-tibial Band Stretch: 2 reps, 30 sec hold, 1 set
Stand with your involved side next to a wall. Cross your un-involved leg in front. Lean your hip into the wall.

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